Locate quality coffee and the best independent coffee shops in Toronto, for residents and visitors alike.

About the app

The app is free and lists the independent coffee shops that have been reviewed by our team. We do not indent to monetise the app and paid services that could undermine the credibility of the list of coffee shops, will never be available in the app.

Project status

The app is in its initial phase. A user is able to view a limited list of coffee shops and select one to navigate to the Google Maps page, where photos and more details can be provided, as well as directions.

Review request

If you did not find the coffee shop you were looking for, please request a review either through our social network or by emailing us at artcoffee.ca@gmail.com.

  • Michael Spyratos Coffee Enthusiast & Developer
  • Poly Mitropoulou Coffee Enthusiast
  • Nik Apostolopoulos Professional coffee barista