The ranking system

Our ranking system is more of a guide, our own effort to identify the coffee shops based on the qualities we have set and demonstrated below. If a coffee shop is listed in our app, you should expect it to be one of the best coffee shops in Toronto, serving top quality coffee.

Types of coffee shops

The majority of the coffee shops we list serve specialty coffee, with commercial ones that meet our criteria being the minority.





Third wave

Review criteria

The review criteria is our guide to determining if a coffee shop will be listed in our app and how it will be ranked.

Quality of beans


Fresh, specialty or high quality commercial beans, roasted to highlight the origin characteristics.



Taste, texture and consistency of a milk based espresso beverage.

Choice of beans


How well the chosen beans complement the beverage.

Variety of beverages


Variety of espresso based beverages and brewing methods.

About consistency...

Although we expect coffee shops to provide consistent results, we understand that providing the best cup of coffee every single day is not a reasonable assumption.

For those coffee shops that feel that our review does not make them justice, please contact us either through our social network or by emailing us at